Drew Christianson, President

It is my honor and privilege to be representing the MDTA as your new President. Bill Heitzman, our former president, has paved the way once again to ensure that the position was left with the wind in our sails. In this past year, the MDTA has been able to be represented at various conferences throughout the US, host continuing education courses, and provide insight to Minnesota dental offices throughout the state. It was a very busy year for all involved.

At this time I would like to introduce and congratulate Danae Seyffer, our newly elected Vice President. Danae brings on tremendous insight and knowledge of Dental Therapy, as well as her dedication to increasing awareness of our profession. We will have continued leadership with Sheri Solseng Trif fulfilling the Treasurer position, and Karen Bohnen reprising her role as Secretary. Without continued support and effort by all of these board members, the association would not be as flourishing as it today.

Throughout the year, the MDTA has been asked to represent DTs at various conferences and talks throughout the US. Washington, Arizona, North Dakota, and Wisconsin to name a few. This was all made possible by a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts. We thank them for their continual support and efforts to increase awareness. We were able to host two CE events. One event was hosted at Normandale Community College and the other at the Star of the North Convention in St. Paul. The association continues to provide information to offices throughout the state. If you are interested in doing a lunch learn and represent the MDTA, please contact any board member.

Our membership is also increasingly growing.  61 members as of July 2018! We continue to attract not just DTs to our association, but allied professionals and dentists. From current statistics, there are 88 licensed dental therapists, 52 of those being certified as advanced dental therapists. For our profession to stay on the rise and attract more individuals to the dental therapy profession, the association and its members need to stay true to the mission of dental therapy and strive to embrace the differences we have created in the dental world.

As we begin our new terms and flow into new leadership, our mission and goals remain the same. Dental Therapists were made to serve, and to provide excellent care safely and effectively. Continue to be pioneers, continue to do more and continue to be compassionate.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Drew Christianson, MDT, ADT